Monday, June 4, 2012

New Go Animate Ninja Election News

Too much fun. Check this one out.

balddaddieteach's Animation by balddaddieteach on GoAnimate

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Fun with Go Animate

This is fun and easy. Create your own on . We can create these cool cartoons to share information, or advertise upcoming events. Really easy. Here is a campaign video:) Enjoy.

Playing with Ideas

Created a cool GIF image out of my static images using an online GIF maker @ - cool right?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

So many options to choose from! Just let me know which one you want or you can have one of each :)


If you want your picture up here with the rest, just take a picture with any of my stickers on and send it to my email, or tag me in a picture on twitter at @london_channel, or even send it over Facebook! Let's see how many pictures we can get on here
Got my stickers out today! Several different cool designs that are all the rage so come and get some from me or Darby Smith in homerooms 011 and 203